* Home Page picture: a 5,400 year-old fresco / wall painting on the Greek island of Thera showing its lively, colorful, prosperous African population. During that period, many African cultures were nearly as progressive - as the pages here show.

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DEDICATED TO DAD: I was born in Liberia and as African, feel it's my responsibility to share the African experience. This site is dedicated to my dad, the Rev. Paul M. Washington.

HERE, A PHOTO-JOURNALISTIC VIEW OF EARLIEST HUMAN HISTORY - AND FOR THE CLASSROOM, TOO:The Golden Age of African Civilization uses thousands of ancient archeological artefacts as evidence of worldwide African presence creating the foundation of modern human society. Nicely illustrated, each treatise is a concise, single-page, self-contained document available for students as well.

QUESTION OF CIVILIZATION: And, the question of civilization? Africans have had a long time to walk and sail all around the world; remember - Africans left Africa over a million years ago and there have always been African hunter-gatherers everywhere on the move for tens and hundreds of thousands of years. Yes. Scientists teach us that humankind traces its genetic roots to Africans. But, to what extent does civilization? As a matter of principle, the issue must be clarified as truth matters.

NEED FOR A FRESH, NEW VIEW OF CIVILIZATION FROM OUTSIDERS: From their cribs at home, and at every level of education and through all mediums and media, whites are taught and feel pride with the assumption they pioneered world civilization. Based on "look" White and Mongul accomplishments worldwide are treated as a monolithic whole. Credit is quick to be taken by Caucasian academics, educators, historians, and white extremists for civilization in earliest India (called Indo-European), Mesopotamia, Egypt, Anatolia, Greece, and Rome as accomplishments of their race. Isn't that true? But, is it the whole story? Africans are and Africa is impoverished now. Yet, before Christ was born, both once thrived and there was an abundant use of precious metals such as gold and silver used in the arts; and math and science proliferated. The phenotype is the physical appearance of a living thing: Did those who appear African, were phenotypically African, have a Golden Age in the centuries before the birth of Christ as an expression of some flowering of the civilizations of African peoples worldwide?

There is need of a fresh view of these issues from outsiders not a part of the centuries' old idea-making establishment of academia and related industries. Here, a broader view is aired and African (by phenotype) accomplishments worldwide will be treated as a group. By African, I mean those who phenotypically have the look of that race and not just those with a memory of historical migration from Africa (if such migration is the case) or who consider themselves to be African: and many such African-looking indigenous groups worldwide aren't considered African by themselves or others for various reasons.

THE THREE GREAT RACES AND THEIR MERGERS: The three great races are the Mongul, the White, and African. Until near 2300 BC, they were completely isolated from each other but since have mixed creating new sub-races as in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. The present work focuses not on the sub-races or Mongul or White but African. And, why? Much has been written about the others but the African is usually passed-over as being but a yawn; an insignificant footnote to history. Especially when contributions to civilization are concerned. There is, thus, an information vacuum or information gap. Here the attempt is made to bridge that gap.

THE LOOK OF THE AFRICAN: Let's omit color. Color aside, how are Africans distinguished: especially as art subjects and in ancient rock drawings, stone figurine, and human remains from 5000 years ago and earlier? African-looking people are the focus of this site. Not all will agree, but some Africans will be found with wavy hair. Others have curly hair. Sometimes, Africans have straight hair as the Afro-American U.S. Secretary of State, Donna Rice (these cases the result of miscegenation from the days of slavery and after).

Still, on one hand, Africans are people who typically have or are inclined to have (not "must" have) a "head like pure wool" as the Son of Man was described in Daniel 7:9; and have a full nose, and full mouth. Yet, the figurine of the Pygmy may be shown as steatophygous. The Kung or Bushman is very slender and has delicate facial features, not broad. Prognasthism (a projecting lower jaw) may exist. African human remains show skulls that are long rather than round; although it may come as a surprise the Khoisan (Bushman) has a round skull and it was they in prehistoric Mesopotamia, Sudan, and Egypt.

CIVILIZATION: Untruths knowingly told as truths and embraced by society as truth have a devastating effect on the target population of untruth. For instance, the slave trade was fueled by convenient adherence to the contrived story that the bible said that Ham (the black race) was cursed by God to be a servant to his brothers. The bible did not say Ham - it said Ham's descendents built the ancient cities of the world whereas it was Canaan who was cursed, not Ham.

.....GENESIS 9: (Canaan "cursed," not Ham)
24. And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him.
25. And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.

.....GENESIS 10: (Africans as the builders of Mesopotamia)
6: And the sons of Ham: Cush, and Mizraim, and Phut, and Canaan.
7: And the sons of Cush; Seba, and Havilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah, and Sabtechas. And the son of Radmah; Sheba and Dedan.
8. And Cush begat Nimrod; he began to be a mighty one in the earth.
9. He was a mighty hunter before the lord; wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod, the mighty hunter before the Lord.
10. And the beginning of his Kingdom was Babel, and Erech, in the Land of Shinar.
11. Out of that land went forth Assur, and builded Ninevah, and the city of Rehoboth, and Calah.

What is untrue receives all the press and attention; while what is true receives zero press and attention. Viretually every minister and Christian will tell you Ham is cursed by God to serve - and this is, in fact, a lie; and one that most Christians are most fond of.

And this brings up Hegel. The German philosopher, Georg Hegel, said that Africans were alone among people to have made no contribution to civilization. To Christian nations of the west, Hegel's teachings justified the slave trade and the riches made from Africa; and created a devastating history for Africans experienced until today. Hitler, the KKK, the Aryan Nation, and other white supremist individuals and groups arose but with beliefs based on myth and not on fact. Did Africans, ironically, play a midwife role to the rise of the West? Or, conversely, was Hegel correct? The reader is invited to judge the evidence for themselves.

BRIEF PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF SITE: In the menu bar, the first entry is [1] LANDS OF THE WORLD: All the geographical regions of the world are found here: Africa, Egypt (though in Africa), the Pacific, the Near East (Asia Minor), Mesopotamia (ancient Iraq), the Far East, the Mediterranean, Europe, the American continent. Each section is preceded by a map to give students and other readers a picture of the lands. [2] MADE BY HUMANKIND: contains archeological remains of human construction. [3] RELATED SUBJECTS: these are connected with early human activities as in "the gold age." [4] AFRICANA RESOURCES: mostly links to Afrocentric subjects. There are probably over 40 more multiple picture web pages (those which characterize this site) which will be added over the next 6 months so keep coming back. There will often be something new

MISSION: Academics, Caucasians, and the world as a whole cannot see value in Africans and where value is seen, such Africans are considered devoid of ethnicity as in the case of Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt was African in all its history before the late or Greco-Roman era; and scientists produce dental evidence to prove the point. Egypt is praised but whereas Caucasians are hailed as founders of European civilization, Africans are not hailed as founders of Egyptian civilization. And where Africans are found in the sculpture and such of civilizations worldwide, is the point overlooked in calling such people only "indigenous" while making no note of their Africaness? (please review the pages here). The Caucasian world has a love relationship with the glories and mysteries of Ancient Egypt. Yet 99% of those referring to its ethnicity never mention its African heritage before its final years as in Greco-Roman times (as Egypt was influenced by Persians yet they too were African in phenotype). And the examples in this paragraph are given as just two cases of a many-faceted phenomena regarding the ancient world.

USE AS EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL: A high school or university class can be easily planned around any single page as the colorful pictures are related talking-points and the text is so arranged to allow maximum flexibility and your own creativity. For instance, teachers could assign term papers or suggest a thesis topic to further research on some given page here; there's lots to uncover! Group or class research projects could be focused on the same. Please let me know if you'd like suggestions in this area and share your research with me. A contact email address for me is on each page and I can add exceptional papers (must contain many pictures) to Africana Resources with the student's names. The website can even be used live in classroom on the overhead going from page-to-page depending on the subject of discussion. Conversely, in an African, Afro-American, or World History Class, a teacher can select one geographical area (e.g. the Mediterranean) and students can learn one page each week and be given a simple weekly test you can make up. In this way, they can gain an overview of history and expand their knowledge of the world and times past as it relates to now. As a family education program, the parent could sit at the computer with their child each night and read and discuss a single page marvelling together over newfound secrets about our wonderful past.

CONCLUDING WORDS: It is hoped these pages will prevail against the poor opinion held worldwide about Africans and African history and help lead to an improvement in her treatment and fortunes. Click on the drop-down menus above to see a new worldview for the geneticist, ethnologist, archeologist, art and other historians, the anthropologist, sociologist, and general reader.

Yours, Paul Marc Washington.